VMware vSphere


Virtualization has become ubiquitous in data centers. More and more organizations are moving towards virtualization because of the enormous cost savings as well as the scalability that it offers.


Key Features

  • 21 hours of Instructor led learning
  • 16 hours of High Quality e-Training
  • 5 hours of industry projects
  • Hands on projects execution with LVTLab
  • Expert Assistant Premium Support

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Course Information

VMware vSphere Course

01. Course Introduction
02. An Overview of Virtualization
03. Installation of ESXi Server
04. Virtual Machine Concepts
05. Virtual Machine Creation & Management
06. Configuring and Managing Storage
07. Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks
08. Install & configure vCenter Server
09. VM Migration Concepts
10. VMware Clusters High Availability

Lab Documents

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