Informatica PowerCenter Track2


Course Overview


This course extends the skills and knowledge of experienced Powercenter developers. Reviewing advanced topics with extended labs covering PowerCenter connection architecture, high availability, and session and workflow recovery. Informatica PowerCenter is a collection of thick client workbench tools that Developers can use to create, execute, monitor and schedule ETL processes.


Key Features

  • 21 hours of Instructor led learning
  • 16 hours of High Quality e-Training
  • 5 hours of industry projects
  • Hands on projects execution with LVTLab
  • Expert Assistant Premium Support

About Course

What is this course about?
What are the course objectives?

Course Information

Introduction to the Informatica PowerCenter Developer Track 2 Course

01. Course Introduction
02. PowerCenter Overview
03. User-Defined & Advanced Functions
04. Pivoting Data
05. Stored Procedure & SQL Transformations
06. Transaction Processing
07. Transaction Control Transform
08. Workflow & Task Recovery
09. Command Line Utilities
10. Performance Tuning: Methodology
11. Performance Tuning: Mapping Design
12. Performance Tuning: Caching & Memory Optimization
13. Performance Tuning: Partitions

Lab Documents

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