IBM Websphere Message Queuing



This course is a technical overview of IBM WebSphere MQ. It provides a conceptual understanding of messaging and queuing as implemented by IBM WebSphere MQ.

IBM WebSphere MQ delivers reliable application integration for applications and web services, allowing users to fully leverage existing software and hardware investments. Through a series of lectures, students learn how IBM WebSphere MQ provides a messaging backbone for deploying an enterprise service bus (ESB) as the connectivity layer of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The course also explains how IBM WebSphere MQ responsibilities can include the management of topic-based publish/subscription information.



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Course Information

IBM Websphere Message Queuing

01. WebSphere MQ Fundamentals
02. MQ topology pattern
03. Local Q,Alias Q, Remote Queue
04. Channels, Listener and Connections
05. Basic Commands, Pub/Sub Model, MQ Header & Details
06. IBM Websphere Message Broker/IIB9
07. WMB/IIB Basics and Various Nodes, protocols, Failure queue, Backout Queue etc.
08. MQ to MQ Transformation Using Message Formats XMLNSC, TDS, (DFDL-TBD), Message Set
09. MQ Destination List Concepts
10. File Nodes- Fixed length, whole file Record delimitted
11. HTTP Nodes and webservice calls.
12. SOAP Nodes and Webservice calls.
13. DB conncetions and SAP Node Connections
14. Question and Answers Solution.

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