IBM WebSphere Message Broker & Developer Workshop Training


This hands-on workshop (with optional, tailorable lastday) is intended to provide programmers an opportunity to learn IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8 (with FP1) development.Extensive hands-on exercises enable the student to reinforce lecture topics. The hands-on portions will use a Windows platform using the Eclipse-based Message Broker Toolkit.



This course assumes basic knowledge of XML and messaging. As a result, some basic knowledge of XML,XSLT, XPath and MQ concepts is assumed. Knowledge of Java is also an advantage.


Key Features

  • 18 hours of Instructor led learning
  • 14hours of High Quality e-Training
  • 4 hours of industry projects
  • Hands on projects execution with LVTLab
  • Expert Assistant Premium Support

About Course

What is this course about?
What are the course objectives?

Course Information

IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8 Developer Workshop Training

01. Introduction to Message Broker Concepts
02. Design and Setup Considerations
03. Introduction to the Message Broker Toolkit
04. Problem Determination
05. Part 1 :Working with Message Broker Nodes
06. Developing with Performance in Mind
07. Part 2:Working with Message Broker Nodes
08. Message Modeling and Mapping
09. Using Java in the Message broker
10. Routing data through message flows
11. Working with routing techniques
12. Using SOAP and HTTP nodes (Optional)
13. Working with Patterns (Optional)
14. Publish/Subscribe updates (Optional)
15. Working with .NET (Optional – No exercise)
16. IMS and Message Broker (Optional – No exercise)
17. CICS and Message Broker (Optional – No exercise)

Course Information Topics-12 to 17 are optional – select from following list of optional topics for last day (number of topics selected dependent on exercises as topics with exercises require additional time. Generally 3-5 topics for the day)

Lab Documents

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